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Tiramisu Oatcakes for One

You know my oatcakes always feature some sort of fruit or veggie, whether it’s mashed banana, pureed peaches, apple butter, or pureed beets.Can you guess the produce packed into this one?

It’s zucchini! Now, I have experimented with using zucchini in the past, but it has often failed to serve the purpose I needed it for. I usually want it to be a “tasteless filler” in an otherwise “nutrition-less” recipe (see: any cookie recipe). However, it never worked as nicely as I would have liked. Just recently, I used it to make a brilliant recipe (you will just have to wait until I “nail it” to see what it is!), but I could taste the zucchini. As low in flavor as it is, it does leave some sort of flavor, particularly when paired with cinnamon, as it was in that recipe. (more…)