Molasses Tahini Oatmeal

Molasses and tahini create a simple, classic Turkish treat known as Tahin Pekmez. It can be eaten by the spoonful–like a dessert soup, if you will–or used as a dip with breads. The real deal is made using grape molasses, but that’s not particularly something that can be found on a whim in the States, so good ol’ regular molasses will do.

Molasses Tahini Oatmeal #OatmealArtist #Vegan

The great part about combining molasses with tahini is that it mellows tahini’s bitterness without completely obliterating it. Molasses has such a strong flavor with just a hint of sweetness, which complements tahini beautifully. If you think you don’t like tahini, I think this could potentially change your mind! (But alas, I say that about all my tahini recipes. 😇)

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This Week in Oatmeal 08/27/2016

Every Saturday, I gather oatmeal recipes from around the web from the previous 1-3 weeks, as well as outstanding Instagram photos. These posts may grow or evolve as time passes. Please feel free to give your feedback in the comments section!



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Weekend Musings: Soaking Oats

Remember, I am not a nutritionist. Everything I’m about to write came from my own experiences and from independent researching. If you haven’t yet read my musing about being a nutrition skeptic, I highly recommend it!

For a long time, I’ve noticed that my stomach is happier after eating overnight oats compared to stovetop oats. I had no idea why. Even when I made a larger portion of overnight oats (they are typically smaller in volume than the same measurement of dry oats on the stove), it would still leave me with a happier gut.

Matcha Yogurt Overnight Zoats! 💚🍴

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When Giselle submitted her guest post for the Spiced Plantain Brownie Baked Oatmeal, she included an instruction to soak the oats in an acidic liquid overnight. Curious, I emailed back to ask why. She responded, “Soaking the oatmeal (or any other whole grain) in acidic liquid is supposed to break down the phytic acid to make them more nutritious and digestible. Rinsing them removes most of the lemon flavor.”

Normally, hearing something like “break down the phytic acid” would set off my BS radar. 😜 I take being a nutrition skeptic very seriously, and I think there is a lot of nonsense being thrown around. But considering the very real, noticeable difference in my digestion after eating overnight oats vs. stovetop oats, I was intrigued. Continue reading

Cherry Coconut Fudge Oatmeal

I was desperately low on frozen cherries when I set off to make this recipe. This meant I had only one option: break out the jar of maraschino cherries.

I have struggled in the past to really create strong cherry flavor in oatmeal. Fresh or frozen, cherries tend to be pretty shy when cooked in porridge. I knew maraschino cherries would help, but I felt like that was cheating. Well, it’s time to cheat.

Cherry Coconut Fudge Oatmeal by the Oatmeal Artist #vegan

For the recipe, I used half frozen cherries and half maraschino cherries. I even snuck in a bit of the syrup from the jar (less than a teaspoon). What a difference it made! Did I cheat? yeah. Was it worth it? Definitely. Continue reading

Peach-Cherry Oatmeal with Avocado

Oatmeal con aguacate? Sounds bizarre, I know. But I’ve done it before (Grapefruit Avocado Oatmeal) and I loved it. I’ve been plotting my next avocado recipe for years. Years!!!

Peach-Cherry Oatmeal with Avocado #OatmealArtist #Vegan

Here are a few reasons why you should consider putting avocado in your oatmeal:

  1. Because it looks pretty. Sliced avocado can elevate the aesthetics of literally everything.
  2. Because it feels like buttercream in your mouth, and its there anything better than buttercream?
  3. Because–let’s be honest–you bought that avocado and you know it will only be good for a couple days, so you better put in on as many things as possible before it’s no longer edible.
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This Week in Oatmeal 08/20/2016

Every Saturday, I gather oatmeal recipes from around the web from the previous 1-3 weeks, as well as outstanding Instagram photos. These posts may grow or evolve as time passes. Please feel free to give your feedback in the comments section!

This week’s theme is chocolate!



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Weekend Musings: OSG Cookbook Part I

For those of you following me on Instagram, you will be well aware that I am completing a challenge right now using the Oh She Glows cookbook (the first one). For this challenge, I am preparing 20 recipes from the book in one month’s time–enough to build a sense of urgency, but not enough that I can’t skip a day or two.

I made this challenge up (it’s not a “thing,” haha), but I have found it’s a great way to force myself out of my comfort zone and to branch out from my usual routine. I love my Happy Herbivore mac and cheese, and I love avocado toast, but I know there are other recipes out there that I’m missing.

And furthermore, how many of you buy cookbooks and then let them collect dust on your shelf??? This is a struggle of mine. Everyone was going crazy for the OSG cookbook when it first released, so I gave in to peer pressure and bought it myself. However, after flipping through the pages and admiring the pretty pictures, I never got around to making any of the recipes. Why? Because avocado toast is so much easier. 😉

Knowing well that I was missing out on some fantastic recipes–and also thinking about the $25 I spent on the book–I decided enough was enough. Having previously done a similar challenge using the Happy Herbivore cookbook, I knew this would be the kick in the pants I needed.

Recipe 1: Walnut, Pear, & Avocado Salad

Starting off my #osgcookbook challenge with this Walnut, Pear, & Avocado Salad with Marinated Portobello Mushroom.

A photo posted by Lauren Smith (@oatmealartist) on

Confession: that’s not even a pear. It’s a golden delicious apple. My neighborhood produce shop didn’t have any pears that day, so I decided a golden delicious apple was the next best thing (and as you all know, I don’t even like pears, so I wasn’t even upset about it). The recipe is meant to be served as a full meal, but I reduced the portion and ate it as a side with some avocado toast because I’m me and I wasn’t quite ready to abandon my old habits. ^_^

I chose this recipe first because I love salad and find them easy to prepare (and it was also 90 degrees out). However, this still forced me to experience a different type of salad since I wouldn’t normally go through the effort of marinated and cooking mushrooms, especially for a salad. This was delicious!! Probably because of the golden delicious apple. 😉  Continue reading

Review: MyCerealMix

I’ve seen many of my readers posting MyCerealMix shots on Instagram, so I was over-the-moon excited when the company gave me the opportunity to try it for myself.

MyCerealMix is a company that allows you to create your own cereal creations using a variety of healthy and fun mix-ins, like freeze-dried fruit, cacao nibs, chia seeds, nuts, and more. You can personalize the base (you can stick to oats or you can go for different grains–even rice crisps!), choose whatever mix-ins you want for no extra cost (it’s a flat-rate bag of deliciousness for $9.99, even if you add five servings of cacao nibs!), and have full control over whether any sweeteners (xylitol and bee pollen) or powders (protein and wheat grass) are added.

MyCerealMix Review - Muesli

For my bag, I went with:

  • Oats, because I’m classic
  • Chia seeds, because they make my tummy feel good
  • Goji berries, because I’ve honestly never had one before (!!)
  • Freeze-dried strawberries, mangos, and raspberries, because NUMMY
  • Cacao nibs, because chocolate makes everything better
  • Coconut, because coconut makes everything better

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Mango Basil Oatmeal

#BasilBasilBasilBasilBasilBasil 💚💚

I love basil and I love mango. Don’t mind me; I’ll just be over here adding basil to every type of fruit you can think of.

Mango Basil Oatmeal #Vegan #OatmealArtist

really love mango, and I forgot just how much I loved it until I bought a fresh one the other week. I normally stick to frozen mango because it’s cheaper, more convenient, and retains its flavor well in frozen form. But when I bought that fresh one, I remembered the aroma that infuses the air when you first cut into it. I remembered how I refuse to let a single centimeter of mango remain on the seed or on the skin, so I gnaw at it until every drop is gone. I remembered the way the juice runs all over the cutting board, and I remembered how I insist on licking all of it off before dropping it off in the sink.

Mangoes are perfection.
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This Week in Oatmeal 08/13/2016

Every Saturday, I gather oatmeal recipes from around the web from the previous 1-3 weeks, as well as outstanding Instagram photos. These posts may grow or evolve as time passes. Please feel free to give your feedback in the comments section!

This week’s theme is peaches!



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