Spiced Plantain Brownie Baked Oatmeal [Guest Post]

This is my final featured recipe from the Brownie Baked Oatmeal contest! It’s been a pleasure seeing what you all came up with, featuring your recipes, and seeing the reader responses! I love these contests. Expect more to come!

This one comes to us from Giselle. Enjoy!!

Spiced Plantain Brownie Baked Oatmeal

This oatmeal was inspired by my mother. When I was younger, she would cook my oatmeal with a cinnamon stick, rarely with powder. And if she did, I would always taste the difference- a sharper, bolder flavor, which I never liked. I begged her to never use this powder in my oatmeal. Continue reading

Oatmeal Enthusiasts: Meet Whitney!

Whitney may have joined Instagram fairly recently, but her photos instantly caught my eye. Her bowls of oatmeal always seem to include a pop of colorful berries and melty peanut butter and puddles of berry sauces. Combined with her trademark white rug and glass bowl, her oatmeal is a treat for the eyes!

Hello, everyone! It is my great honour to be your host today for May’s Oatmeal Enthusiast installment. 😉 A big thank you to Lauren for allowing me to put this piece together for you guys! Her blog is beautiful and her recipes never disappoint, so I only hope that I can do the Oatmeal Artist site the justice it deserves.

My name is Whitney, and I am a 19 year old biology student residing in the hopelessly dazzling Pacific Northwest region of Canada. Spring here has finally sprung, and I can’t help but feel at peace among the rows of emerald-leaved trees and glowing flowers. I love to spend my evenings down at the beach on campus, watching the waves roll in as the sun sets behind the endless mountains. I am always blown away by the sheer beauty of my home when the rain starts to fade and blue skies roll in.

I am very new to oatmeal – in fact, I had my first bowl since early childhood less than 6 months ago, and I’ve only been experimenting with it since late February! You can see some of my progression on my Instagram, @wholewhit. Nowadays, I look forward to the next morning’s oat-y creation nearly every night. I guess you could call me a real dev-oat-ee. (sorry [not really])

My later meals are typically filled to the brim with veggies and healthy proteins, but as a self-professed lover of dessert as well as my entire friend circle’s one-woman bakery, I can’t go a day without eating something sinfully sweet and indulgent. These days, I turn to oatmeal for a healthier version of my favourite treats. I love how filling it is; I am never hungry before lunch. It’s also full of good nutrients, especially when loaded up with fruits and cooked in vanilla cashew milk, my liquid of choice.

For my 15 minutes of fame, I decided to share with you my most favourite creations. From these, you may draw a few things; 1) I love fruit; 2) I have a nut butter problem; and 3) damn, that girl can really put away a lot of chocolate.



I decided to kick things off with my most favourite flavour of all – dark chocolate raspberry. I cooked this baby down with lots of cocoa powder & frozen raspberries, as well as my usual salt, vanilla, and mashed banana. I topped it off with hot raspberry “sauce” and fresh raspberries (plus chocolate and PB, of course). Those little guys sure are expensive, but as soon as I get home and crack open the container, I never regret my decision. Continue reading

This Week in Oatmeal 04/30/2016

Every Saturday, I gather oatmeal recipes from around the web from the previous 1-3 weeks, as well as outstanding Instagram photos. These posts may grow or evolve as time passes. Please feel free to give your feedback in the comments section!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.42.32 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.42.49 AM

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Savory Citrus Arugula Steel-Cut Oatmeal

While I mostly eat my sweet oatmeals, I find my savory concoctions so rewarding on a creative level. When I make savory oatmeal recipes, I practiced some of my less-used cooking skills and ingredients and am always shocked at the results. My Herbed Pumpkin & Leek Oatmeal had me dreaming about it for the rest of the day, and the Lemon Asparagus Ris-Oat-to leftovers recharged me every day for a week.

Now there’s this.

Savory Citrus Arugula Steel Cut Oatmeal #OatmealArtist

Freaking beautiful, right??

This recipe was inspired by a recipe I made for a vegan Seder potluck. My vegan Jewish friend wanted to host an event for his other vegan and/or Jewish pals, and I was honored to be one of them. After doing much research for what is kosher for Passover, I made this quinoa salad*.

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Red Velvet Brownie Baked Oatmeal [Guest Post]

Here’s winner #4 from the brownie baked oatmeal contest! I had a really hard time narrowing down my favorite submissions. 😛  Special apology to Chandler, who sent me these lovely materials weeks ago, and I was supposed to publish it on Monday, but I forgot! Doh. Forgive me, Chandler!

Hello fellow oatmeal lovers! My name is Chandler, I am 20 years old, and I am a recent graduate with a B.A. in Spanish as well as Teaching English as a Second Language. At this point in my life, I am looking forward to grad school in the fall, working a ton, cooking as much as I can, and eating up several boxes of oatmeal a month.

Red Velvet Brownie Baked Oatmeal with Cream Cheese Frosting

My love for oatmeal has evolved a lot over the years from the early days of Quaker dinosaur egg oatmeal. I, an aspiring paleontologist, would lick all the oatmeal off the dinosaur eggs and then refuse to actually eat the eggs. (They were pretty nasty!) Now I put oatmeal into just about everything and eat it with just about every topping imaginable- cheese, fruits, hummus, nuts, eggs, and even chicken. When I saw Lauren’s brownie baked oatmeal challenge, I instantly knew what recipe I would submit. I have been reading her blog since the very beginning when I was looking for inspiration for my own blog (www.harpandchanscrafts.blogspot.com), which I have unfortunately neglected for a couple of months.

Anyway, I had made Red Velvet Baked Oatmeal for my blog several years back, and I decided to tinker with the recipe and make it even better. I am visiting my family this weekend, and two of my picky little sisters loved the recipe. What they didn’t know is that it has a hidden vegetable- beets!- that contribute to the “red velvet” color. Can’t picture beets in a sweet oatmeal recipe? Try it for yourself and see. The pickiest of my sisters said the oatmeal tasted like no bake Christmas cookies! Continue reading

Mango Cayenne Oat Smoothie

I love kombucha so much. I used to feel pressure to limit my kombucha intake (due to the fact that the good bottles cost like $5 each), but now that I make it at home, I can have one nearly every day!

One of my favorite flavor creations was mango + cayenne, which came about because I had some incredibly tough dried mango that I no longer wanted to snack on. As an expirement, I cut them into thin strips and tucked them into bottles of a fresh batch of kombucha. Sure enough, two days later (carbonating time!), my kombucha was delightfully mango-flavored, and I had found the perfect way not to waste that jaw-ripping mango.

Mango Cayenne Oat Smoothie by the Oatmeal Artist #Vegan

Looking up various ways to elevate that flavor, I decided to try cayenne. It was an obvious choice, considering my favorite storebought kombucha is Health-Ade’s Cayenne Cleanse. I love spicyspicyspicy. <3 Continue reading

This Week in Oatmeal 04/23/2016

Every Saturday, I gather oatmeal recipes from around the web from the previous 1-3 weeks, as well as outstanding Instagram photos. These posts may grow or evolve as time passes. Please feel free to give your feedback in the comments section!

This week’s theme is the color RED!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.42.32 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.42.49 AM

Today I’m snacking on these little cups of coconut overnight oats topped with raspberries & raw chocolate! 💞✨

A photo posted by ✿ Ellen ✿ 💕 (@ellensmessykitchen) on

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Pineapple Kiwi Oatmeal with Coconut-Peanut Butter

I used to think nut butters didn’t work with tropical fruits. I’ve recently decided that you can make nut butters work with anything if you’re determined enough. The best part about adding a nut butter to a tropical oatmeal is that it brings some earthy, hearty warmth to an otherwise bold and tangy porridge.

Pineapple Kiwi Oatmeal with Coconut-Peanut Butter | The Oatmeal Artist Continue reading

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Oatmeal (with Chocolate PB2 Sauce)

I always liked the idea of an oatmeal dedicated to chocolate-covered strawberries, but I figured I basically already had one with my Chocolate Strawberry Oatmeal. However, I’ve recently been making a thin chocolate PB2 concoction and using it as a sauce over my banana soft serve, and that gave me inspiration for this recipe.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Oatmeal with Chocolate PB2 Sauce

I don’t cook strawberries in the oatmeal often, as I love the juicy freshness they provide as a topping (uncooked). But every now and then, a recipe idea comes along in which cooked-down berries are the most fitting. Not every recipe can be fudge-based, and pink porridge is delightful. 😉 Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Espresso Brownie Baked Oatmeal with a Shortbread Crust [Guest Post]

It’s that time of the week again! Here’s another contest winner from the brownie baked oatmeal contest. This one sounds complex, but if you read the instructions, Lyndsey has actually made this a quick and easy process! Enjoy.

Hello! Shoutout to Lauren for giving me another opportunity to post on her wonderful blog. I’m always so excited to try out her new recipes, and it’s fun to be able to share one of my personal creations with all of you.

I started drinking coffee a couple of years ago to mask the flavor of my required nutrition supplements due to my health issues (you can read more about that here). Now, I enjoy a cup of warm, black coffee every morning as a way to start my day off right.

Dark Chocolate Espresso Brownie Baked Oatmeal with a Shortbread Crust

My love of black coffee is reflective of my taste for bitter flavors. Thus, I also have an obsession with dark chocolate. I add Hershey’s Dark Cocoa to my oatmeal almost every day, which I love as a healthy “indulgence.” Continue reading