Weekend Musings: 20 Instagrammers Who Will Satisfy Your Inner Foodie

I often tell people, “My Instagram feed is entirely food and cats.” While my blog focuses on oatmeal, I think it’s inspiring to follow what other people are doing in the kitchen. Not only do I need ideas for what to make for the remaining meals of the day, but I often find inspiration for my oatmeal recipes from what flavors and ingredients other bloggers are working with. Because I am so fond of my food porn, I’m going to share with you my twenty favorite Instagram foodies this weekend.

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Naomi’s desserts marry sophistication with an element of whimsy, and her photography balances vibrance with a dark moodiness. Frosted rolls with chopped M&Ms, pops of crimson sugared cranberries against a black backdrop, cupcakes with chocolate oozing down the sides and candy bar crumbs littering the tray, an array of muffins—some half-eaten, some tilted on their sides, some muffin cups left empty and crumbled up to the side. Messes have never looked better.

It’s almost ice cream time! Cone dipping first. (Loving this new surface from @ericksonwoodworks)

A photo posted by naomi | orange county, ca (@bakersroyale_naomi) on



This account is a collection of some of the best food shots from those in the IG community using the hashtag #feedfeed, so you know you’re seeing the best of the best. They feature a mix of indulgent desserts, simple ingredients, and colorful vegetables, but they uphold high standards for photography.



This barista specializes in stunning and precise latte art—arguably the most impressive on Instagram. He can pour a mesmerizing tulip as well as original creations that defy what you thought was possible. In addition to posting simple shots of the final product, he includes videos of the pour in action. It’s basically free therapy.


A photo posted by 吴达锋 (@ada_crew) on



Mike Chau gallivants around New York City, eats the very best food from the hottest restaurants, and then photographs his food with his two young children in the background in each shot. What’s not to love? Highly recommended for foodies with ice cream, cookies, donuts, and pizza fetishes.



Amanda presents minimalist shots with white backdrops of simple but beautiful desserts—namely cupcakes and cookies. Her baked goodies are colorful, meticulously executed, and presented like ethereal entities. The pillows of buttercream and rainbow sprinkles will feed your soul.

Right after I eat these I am going to eat a skinny person. #youarewhatyoueat #sugarcookies #thekitchn

A photo posted by Amanda (@iambaker) on



This feed is another collection of the best shots from the Instagram community using the hashtag #eatingnewyork. These are indulgent shots of users’ eats at various New York restaurants and shops, as well as in their own kitchens. Prominent features are outrageous desserts, such as the mile-high milkshakes at Black Craft Burgers and Beer or the colorful Birthday Cake from Momofuku Milk Bar. Following this feed will mostly make you marvel at how anyone in NYC is still alive.

cookie ice cream sandwiches taken by @delicious_fuud?#EatingNewYork A photo posted by Eating New York (@eatingnewyork) on



See the beautiful aerial shots of all the food being tested and eaten by the Bon Appetit staff. Indulge in the professional photography while staying up-to-date on all the new food trends.

The North Pole’s got nothin’ on @nikoleherriott’s studio, reports @emilyeisen. ?????

A photo posted by bonappetitmag (@bonappetitmag) on



Classy meets simple. These photos seem to come from some fantasy land where even a bowl of quince fruit appears sensual. She specializes in aerial shots with sophisticated foods plated on white dishes atop marble countertops. Perfect for anyone who aspires to be classier than their fridge full of hummus might suggest.



Deb Perelmen, cookbook extraordinaire, gives us everything we need on this feed: stacks of homemade Oreos, sexy poached eggs dripping over fried rice, milkshakes topped with toasted marshmallows, and occasional tumblers of whiskey with a perfect orange peel dangling over the rim.



For all the foodies with a love of that rustic feel, this feed specializes in cakes, cupcakes, and cookies with woodsy backgrounds and calming hues. Big white layer cakes appear atop woodsy pedestals, embellished by cozy cloth napkins and sprigs of rosemary. If rustic imagery is not your thing, maybe the action shots will win you over: hands piping red-streaked frosting on candy cane cupcakes, cutting into waffles drizzled with rye whiskey caramel sauce, pouring Dona Chai concentrate into hand made tea cups.

celebrating my favourite persons birthday this week ! happy birthday @jrossjones ???? A photo posted by modest marce (@modestmarce) on



This account belongs to the Oddfellows Café and Bar in Seattle, WA. To simultaneously feed your wanderlust and your foodie fetish, this feed features luxurious and foamy hot chocolate in antique turquoise china, towers of hand-cut and seasoned French fries on distressed tables, aerial shots of crowded brunch parties with poached eggs, hot sauce, and breakfast potatoes galore, and gratuitous shots of pastry cases with fresh, fluffy biscuits and mini ginger bundt cakes. And I will never, ever, ever get tired of seeing their beautiful restaurant appear on my feed.

Good morning! ☕️????? ?: @natashasurjana #weekends #brunch

A photo posted by Oddfellows Cafe + Bar (@oddfellowscafe) on



Jennifer, author of the popular blog In Jennie’s Kitchen, inspires us daily with wide aerial shots of the dinner spread she prepares for her two daughters, frequently including bowls of pasta and homemade sauce, hot-out-of-the-oven dinner rolls, homemade pizza, fudgy brownies with a perfect crackly top crust, and an endearing array of assorted antique dishes and utensils. Bonus: candles and cocktails are omnipresent.

Monday. A photo posted by Jennifer Perillo (@jenniferperillo) on



Jamie Oliver is a personal hero of mine. His account features new recipes from his website, magazines, and cookbooks, plus gorgeous shots of simple fruits and vegetables. Bonus: He has also started posting vegetarian and vegan recipes.



Dubbed NYC’s most Instagrammable bagel. Carb up!

Instabait™ ?: @mollytavoletti A photo posted by Black Seed Bagels (@blackseedbagels) on



Kankana Saxena posts from Bangalore, India. Her shots are simultaneously moody and colorful. She captures a variety of subjects, from a simple cluster of deep purple grapes to perfect, pillowy macaroons. Occasionally, her son’s hand gets in the shot and makes it that much better.



Food52 belongs to the foodie haven food52.com, but uses this account to post users’ best food porn. Since it’s a conglomeration of multiple cooks’ meals, you’ll see a variety of food, but Food52 definitely has a “type,” and that type is “Gray and Aerial.” Use #f52grams to be featured, but good luck! This is a popular one, and the competition is real.



This New Orleans blogger kills me with her fun approach to food and life. And cocktails. And cats.

Sprinkle donut wallpaper seems like a really good idea.

A photo posted by joythebaker (@joythebaker) on



COLOR COLOR COLOR. Unlike many of the moody food photographers out there, Sarah gives us the simple delights of pretzels on a turquoise background and Thanksgiving stuffing on a bright yellow cloth napkin. She also seems to have a thing for waffles.

#wouldeat #thisshortcake #inone #bite ??? A photo posted by Sarah (@thesugarhit) on



This professional food photographer uses his account to showcase a glorious mixture of his own recipes, classy cocktails, and his exploration of restaurants around Boston. For double the fun, follow his husband, @marriedtoafoodphotographer, who literally takes pictures of his husband taking pictures of food. ?


Do you follow any foodies on Instagram that I didn’t list?

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  1. Cassie says:

    Joy the Baker and Food52 are awesome blogs and Instagrammers! Others you have to check out are Green Kitchen Stories and Minimalist Baker. Beautiful photos, innovative recipes and such wholesome mantras behind their creativity and gorgeous content!

  2. Sandra Florie says:

    And last but certainly not least

  3. Thanks for the link love! I have so many favorite blogs it’s hard to choose. Food Faith Fitness, MJ & Hungryman, Fit Foodie, Cotter Crunch to name a few.

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