This Week in Oatmeal 07/23/2016

Every Saturday, I gather oatmeal recipes from around the web from the previous 1-3 weeks, as well as outstanding Instagram photos. These posts may grow or evolve as time passes. Please feel free to give your feedback in the comments section!

This week’s theme is overnight oats!



Choc Chili Beet Zoats ? Follow me on Snapchat: healthyeatingjo ? to see the video of them and the rainy view out my window today, where all the photography action happens! ? How much do you hate hearing your own voice, and why can’t I talk with a my normal voice when I’m filming!? ? I’m sure I’ll get used to it ❤️ Anyway these hot oats are a lead-in to a string of Beetroot related posts coming your way, and another Choc Chili recipe too. I do love spicy food, so had to try a chocolate recipe with some kick. The baked Beetroot and coconut water from @naturalrawc add some natural sweetness to the dish too ??? Pow! ? Topped with fruit, some cherry Choc @squareorganics bar, and deluxe buckinis from @loving_earth ❤️ and ok, as well as Beetroot there’s some grated zucchini in there to make up the ‘Zoats’ element of the dish. Get hiding those veggies everyone ???? and have a great day ? the recipe will be in the comments and on the blog (link in profile)

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Next week’s theme is almond butter! A personal favorite of mine. <3 If you want to be included, show me some oatmeal love with the #oatmealartist hashtag!

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9 Responses to This Week in Oatmeal 07/23/2016

  1. Christine says:

    I highly recommend trying the Breakfast Drama Queen’s Peanut Butter Latte Overnight Oatmeal. It was deliriously good!

  2. Cassie says:

    To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of raw overnight oats! I prefer to cook oatmeal the night before and then leave them in the fridge to thicken. These photos provide amazing inspiration, though! The chili beet and raspberry oats look beautiful!

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