This Week in Oatmeal 02/25/2017

Every Saturday, I gather oatmeal recipes from around the web from the previous 1-3 weeks, as well as outstanding Instagram photos. These posts may grow or evolve as time passes. Please feel free to give your feedback in the comments section!

This week’s theme is chocolate!



Can’t go wrong with chocolate & strawberry oats with almond butter ?

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Today’s off day from school breakfast is old fashioned oats cooked with cinnamon. Mom’s has sunflower seed butter?, raspberry jam❤️, and 63% chocolate chips?. Mine is basically the same thing, but I added unsweetened vanilla almond milk ??? and chocolate almond butter??. This is why I love off days, I have time to make a fresh breakfast. Speaking of school: Sorry for the lack of updates again. I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed because I don’t do well with changes. What I mean by that, is that I am dropping the Disordered Eating and Nutrition Therapy. The professor and the counselor think it’s in my best interest to drop the class. Not gonna lie, I’m not feeling that sense of relief yet. I appreciate my family and friends’ support during this ordeal, and I wish that I can be as wise as them. Because of how difficult the class and the feelings surrounding them are, I would like to start a discussion in hopes to move forward. ?How can we better discuss disordered eating without sending anyone down the rabbit hole? ?Is there a certain mindset needed to help someone battling disordered eating, help someone who knows someone battling disordered eating, and/or give the knowledge to those who aspire to have a career in helping those in the battle against disordered eating? ?How can valid information on disordered eating be easily and painlessly accessible? If you have any ideas, I am more than open to hear. I also hope that your ideas can be the ones that put an end to disordered eating! ??? #eatingdisorderawareness #disorderedeating #endthestigma #opendiscussion #youropinionmatters #youmatter #judgementfreezone #breakfast #oatmealartist #oatmeal #cinnamon #raspberryjam #chocolatechips #sunflowerseedbutter #almondmilk #almondbutter #vegetarian #vegan #edrecovery #edwarrior #bodypositive #pcos #pcosfighter #endometriosis #endowarrior #aspergers #spoonie #foodisfuel #balancednotclean #nourishnotpunish

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It was a chocolate-chocolate kind of day/week/start of the year ? At least breakfast was delicious: sweet potato oatmeal with homemade sweet chocolate hummus topped with pomegranate arils and coconut chips. Der Tag/die Woche/der Jahresstart verlangt nach einer extra Portion Schokolade ? Aber Frühstück war super: Haferflocken mit Kakao und Süßkartoffelpüree dazu selbstgemachter süßer Schoko-Hummus, Kokos-Chipps und Granatapfelkerne. #oatmealporn #oatmeal #oatmealartist #porridge #hafer #haferflocken #teamhaferbrei #chocolate #schoko #schokolade #schokoladezumfrühstück #sweetpotato #süsskartoffel #desserthummus #sweethummus #breakfast #frühstück #veganwerdenwasnlosdigga #veganfood #plantbased #healthyfood #cleaneating #nourishyourbody

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Next week’s theme is citrus! Winter is the prime season for citrus like grapefruit, cara cara oranges, blood oranges, etc. If you want to be included, show me some oatmeal love with the #oatmealartist hashtag!

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