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Marzipan Fudge Oatmeal with Cherries

MARZIPAN. Chocolate-covered marzipan, to be exact. The marzipan flavor of Ritter Sport chocolate is the ONLY vegan one. They have other dark chocolate varieties, but for some reason, only this one is vegan. I don’t get it, but I won’t complain; this chocolate bar is one of my favorite treats.

This chocolate-covered marzipan is joined with some fresh cherries (they’re in season now!!) and sprinkled atop a fudgy, almond-flavored porridge. The almond echoes and enhances the marzipan theme, so even if you only have a bit of the chocolate-covered marzipan on top, each bite will still be reminiscent of this almond confection. (more…)

Orange-Rhubarb Oatmeal with Orange PB2 [Guest Post]

I feel so honored and proud to be sharing a recipe for Orange-Rhubarb Oatmeal with Orange PB2 that Lauren has chosen as one of the winners of  “Spring” Oatmeal Contest.


Double Chocolate PB2

As I’ve said before, toppings are a fun way to add just a dab of indulgence to an otherwise nutritious bowl of oatmeal. Dessert-like toppings are the perfect solution when you want to treat yourself but also don’t want to have a stomachache the rest of the day.

This is an ultra-fudgy PB2 with bits of white chocolate chips mixed in throughout. It goes well with a number of oatmeal recipes (virtually any of them) and can be personalized with any of your favorite “chips,” whether it’s white chocolate like I used or something crazy like mint or peanut butter. You can find chocolate chips in so many flavors now!


Turmeric Coconut PB2

I made a turmeric recipe. I’ve resisted because I don’t want to be cliche and do what everyone else is doing (which is posting a million turmeric recipes), but at the end of the day, I do like turmeric. So here we are.

This PB2 has a tiny amount of coconut oil in it. This has multiple benefits, the main two being a richer texture and a smooth, coconut flavor. That rich texture and flavor work well with the earthy turmeric, if I do say so myself. You could use coconut butter, technically, but I rarely have that on hand (but I always have coconut oil as it is my preferred cooking oil).  (more…)

Cocoa Candy Cane PB2

Looking for an ultra easy way to Christmas-ify your favorite oatmeal recipe? This topping needs half of a standard candy cane and can be whipped up in about two minutes!

The toughest part is just deciding what oatmeal to put it on top of. Not all flavors mesh with mint, after all! I put mine on top of glorious Thin Mints Oatmeal, but I could also see it atop Brownie Baked Oatmeal, Sweet Potato Fudge Oatmeal, or Mint Brownie Baked Oatmeal. (more…)

Gingerbread PB2

I’m back. My favorite writer and thinker Charles Blow told me to buck up, so I did. More on my break below.

First, let’s discuss this Gingerbread PB2. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to post this. But Gingerbread is so distinctly “Christmas” that I forced myself to wait until December to share it. IT’S DECEMBER so here we go.

While my Gingerbread Oatmeal is aggressively spiced, I went for a more mild flavor in this one. That makes this PB2 more versatile so it can be used on a variety of porridge flavors. I put mine atop a simple banana and cinnamon oatmeal. (more…)

Double Sunflower Seed Granola [Nut Free!]

“Wow.” “Wait, you made this yourself?” “I’ve never had granola that tasted this good.”

double-sunflower-seed-granola-by-the-oatmealartist-veganThese were a few of the comments I received after sharing this new granola recipe with my boyfriend and his roommates. To be fair, it seemed this was their first experience with any homemade granola, so of course they would find it mind-blowingly good (I remember my first experience with homemade granola. Mmmmm).

I’ve made peanut butter granola before, but I’ve never made it with sunbutter. Indeed, I have rarely made anything with sunbutter!

Guess how many nut butters I have in my cupboard and fridge. Guess. Got a number in your head? (more…)

Matcha Oatcakes with Maple Persimmon Compote

I haven’t made oatcakes in a while. Do you know why I don’t like posting oatcake recipes? Because I can never get good pictures of them. That’s literally the reason. Porridge and pancakes are equally fickle to photograph, but I think I’ve figured out how to take a good shot of oatmeal. I can’t seem to get a good picture of oatcakes (the exception is the Chai Oatcakes, which I explicitly credit luck and luck alone).


But I must make them anyway! Making pancakes from oats is a fun way to switch up your routine if you tend to stick with oatmeal every day. My goal is to satisfy your pancake craving in a nutritious way. As someone with very fussy IBS, I had a hard time eating and enjoying pancakes in the past, and oatmeal pancakes have really helped me out in that regard. (more…)

PB2 Yogurt Frosting

Have you ever wanted to top your oatmeal with a pillow of creamy frosting? But you don’t want to give up your beloved peanut butter?


Here’s a great compromise. This topping is easy to make, requiring just plain yogurt and PB2 (and a drop of vanilla extract, if you’d like). I envision this best as a topping for overnight oatmeal. You could try it on warm porridge, but I’m not sure how the yogurt would stand up to the heat and steam! (more…)


Topping: Cinnamon-Tahini Icing [Guest Post]

Hi fellow oatmeal lovers!

My name is Kasia (@cathyhope9 on Instagram), and I’m honored to be sharing my second recipe on The Oatmeal Artist’s blog (first one was Cherry Chili Brownie Baked Oatmeal).


I love Lauren’s weekly themes. They save me from daily dilemma: what oatmeal am I going to have for breakfast?! When one of themes was cinnamon I knew I had to make:

  1. apple pie oatmeal,
  2. cinnamon roll oatmeal.

I’ve had apple pie thousands times before but… the problem was cinnamon roll. They are not popular in Poland where I am from, and I have never tried one. I couldn’t copy the flavor I didn’t know. So I searched for the recipe for the stove-top Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal, and TheVegan8 recipe was what I was looking for! (more…)