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Sesame-Date Oatmeal Bites

Oatmeal bites! I have missed you. It’s been too long.


These little snacks are perfect for tahini lovers! The no-bake beauties pack a big smack of tahini flavor, only slightly tempered by the sweetness of the dates and maple syrup. Shout out to all my fellow bitter-loving tahini readers!!


German Chocolate Cake Oatmeal Bites

I love, love my German Chocolate Cake Baked Oatmeal and its sister pancake recipe, but I never, ever make them. Making that coconut-pecan butter, no matter how mind-boggling delicious it is, is a pain and a half.

You can’t make just a single-serving because no food processor can grind that few nuts down to a paste. You need quite a bit of pecans to fill the food processor, or it will just turn into dust and sit at the bottom of the machine while the blades whir uselessly above it. Every time I want to make it, I think about having to buy (and immediately go through) an entire bag of pecans (???) and a bunch of coconut, and the whole idea turns me off.

German Chocolate Cake Oatmeal Bites

That’s why I’m extra excited about this recipe. These little energy bites capture the flavors of my german chocolate recipes with a quarter of the hassle and an eighth of the pecans, although you still have to get out the food processor. ?

(And by the way, the original cake recipe has nothing to do with Germany; it was created by someone whose last name was German.) (more…)

Fig and Dark Chocolate Bites

I had so many elaborate porridge plans for last week. I even bought all the ingredients for them and planned exactly which day I would make them. Then my stove stopped working, so I made these adorable, fudgy, easy, snackalicious truffles instead.

Fig and Dark Chocolate Bites #OatmealArtist #vegan (more…)

Apricot Almond Butter Bites

Gasp! Where have I been??

I’ve been proud of not taking any blogging breaks since I ran the heck away from quit teaching, but last week got the better of me! You know what really did it? The weather sucked (rain, rain, and more rain), which means I have no natural lighting for pictures. On the few days of semi-sunshine, I was too lazy to dirty some dishes and take a few pictures. It’s something I fight on a regular basis, but last week, the laziness won.

Apricot Almond Butter Bites #OatmealArtist #Vegan

Lately I have found myself heading out the door with no packable snacks. Yes, I have dried fruit, but sometimes I get sick of just eating those every day, and I wanted something a little more interesting. Preferably something nutty. Having some dried apricots and almond butter to use up, I immediately set off to make an “energy ball” recipe that would be reminiscent of my beloved Peach & Almond Butter Oatmeal. (more…)