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Nutella Latte Oatmeal

Happy December! Truthfully, winter is my least favorite season, by a mile and a half, but recipes like this sure do help fight off those winter blues. It’s a mixture of hazelnut, coffee, and cocoa, and because that’s just not enough, it’s topped with a spoonful of silky chocolate hazelnut spread. I mean, look at it.


Strawberry Oatmeal with Basil Cashew Cream

I pretty much insist on having nut butter on my oatmeal. Even when I share recipes that don’t involve nut butter, I usually add some type of nut butter before I eat it–even if it doesn’t really make culinary sense. Nut butter adds a silky richness that gives variation to each bite of oatmeal.

Cashew cream is similar. It has the richness of cashew, but in a different format. This recipe is reminiscent of my Strawberry Basil Oatmeal, but this time, I managed to work in some nut butter. True, whipping up a cashew cream takes a touch more work than your average porridge, but the cream comes together in about 2 minutes, and the results are worth it.

I mean, look at that bright fluff!

Most recipes on the internet for basil cashew cream include garlic, but I opted out. My friends would mock me for that choice since I am notoriously anti-garlic, but really, why would you put garlic in a sauce that goes on a sweet oatmeal?


Strawberry Lemon Ricotta Oatmeal

I associate ricotta with subtle elegance. Think of little toasts topped with a dainty smear of ricotta, a sliver of roasted pear, and a pinch of fresh thyme. Elegant, right? This is what I imagine when I think of ricotta. As ubiquitous as this appetizer is (at least among middle-class women who host dinner parties), I actually have no idea what it tastes like myself.

I haven’t had ricotta for at least five years now. It’s an ingredient I always admired from afar since it wasn’t something my mom cooked with. Even my mom’s lasagna uses cottage cheese instead of ricotta. (Does anyone else’s family do this? It might be a Midwestern thing.) So even in my pre-vegan years, ricotta was mostly off my radar.

Then Kite Hill ricotta came around. I got excited. I got inspired. I came up with a bunch of oatmeal ideas to get ricotta in my life–ricotta that doesn’t require a calf to be separated from its mother.

But here’s the thing: I didn’t make this with Kite Hill ricotta.


German Chocolate Cake Batter Oatmeal

On my 23rd birthday, I showed you how to make this coconut-pecan butter, so it’s only fitting that I brought this rich, cozy topping back for my 27th birthday post, right?

Today’s recipe is really a stovetop version of my German Chocolate Cake Baked Oatmeal, which I made half a decade ago. It’s really just a chocolate oatmeal made memorable by the coconut-pecan topping. Since it’s a cake batter, it’s perfect for celebrating birthdays. 🙂

Cheater Funfetti Baked Oatmeal [Product Review: You Fresh Naturals]

Funfetti baked oatmeal with four ingredients + salt?? Yeah, you read that correctly. Four ingredients. Do you know how rare it is to have a baked oatmeal meet the sole criterion for the “5 ingredients or less” tag? Very. Very rare.

This rarity is made possible through the use of a nut butter. I made this recipe with You Fresh Naturals “Birthday Cake” Cashew-Coconut Butter. Because the nut butter is already sweetened and flavored to the max, it lends itself quite easily to a “5 ingredients or less” recipe. It pretty much does all the work.

Persimmon, Cardamom, and Pistachio Oatmeal [Guest Post]

Hi there! If we haven’t met yet, my name is Kelsey, aka @amindfulvegan on Instagram. When Lauren said she was going to take a little bit of time off, I offered to help keep the oatmeal content coming with a guest post. I can’t say this is as exciting as Christine’s oatmeal packet pancakes, but it’s still pretty tasty.


This recipe features one of my favorite fruits: persimmons. Their season is painfully short, but persimmons are so delicious. They pair well with a lot of flavors: you can get fancy with matcha oatcakes with maple persimmon compote or keep it super simple with persimmon cinnamon-raisin oats (both Lauren’s recipes, of course). (more…)

Kabocha-Pomegranate Steel Cut Oatmeal with Pecans and Tahini

In the past year, I have reserved steel cut oats for savory recipes (it’s like a risotto!), but here I went all sweet. I’m pretty darn pleased with the result, too.


Earlier this year, I asked what ingredients I should use more of this autumn, and Melissa (@berries_n_green) suggested kabocha squash. (more…)

Sesame-Date Oatmeal Bites

Oatmeal bites! I have missed you. It’s been too long.


These little snacks are perfect for tahini lovers! The no-bake beauties pack a big smack of tahini flavor, only slightly tempered by the sweetness of the dates and maple syrup. Shout out to all my fellow bitter-loving tahini readers!!


Citrus Pear Oatmeal

It’s a pear recipe! ? And I liked it!


Many of you have asked me why I keep attempting pear recipes even though I claim to hate pears. The thing is, I am determined to find a recipe that makes me like them. I’m convinced there has to be way to prepare them via oatmeal that makes them not simply tolerable, but enjoyable.

This recipe worked for me. ?

Salted Almond, Grape, and Thyme Oatmeal

I had to buy thyme recently to make the roasted beet salad for my Oh She Glows cookbook challenge. Whenever I buy an herb for a recipe, I immediately start pondering how I can use it with oatmeal.

Salted Almond, Grape, and Thyme Oatmeal by the #OatmealArtist #vegan

The oatmeal itself is cooked with diced red grapes and fresh thyme to make every bite fresh and flavorful. Then, the oatmeal is garnished with a salted, toasted almonds and another pinch of coarse sea salt, just for good measure. BAM. The final result is warm and earthy with the perfect touch of sweet-and-salty flare. (more…)