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Marzipan Fudge Oatmeal with Cherries

MARZIPAN. Chocolate-covered marzipan, to be exact. The marzipan flavor of Ritter Sport chocolate is the ONLY vegan one. They have other dark chocolate varieties, but for some reason, only this one is vegan. I don’t get it, but I won’t complain; this chocolate bar is one of my favorite treats.

This chocolate-covered marzipan is joined with some fresh cherries (they’re in season now!!) and sprinkled atop a fudgy, almond-flavored porridge. The almond echoes and enhances the marzipan theme, so even if you only have a bit of the chocolate-covered marzipan on top, each bite will still be reminiscent of this almond confection. (more…)

Salted Almond, Grape, and Thyme Oatmeal

I had to buy thyme recently to make the roasted beet salad for my Oh She Glows cookbook challenge. Whenever I buy an herb for a recipe, I immediately start pondering how I can use it with oatmeal.

Salted Almond, Grape, and Thyme Oatmeal by the #OatmealArtist #vegan

The oatmeal itself is cooked with diced red grapes and fresh thyme to make every bite fresh and flavorful. Then, the oatmeal is garnished with a salted, toasted almonds and another pinch of coarse sea salt, just for good measure. BAM. The final result is warm and earthy with the perfect touch of sweet-and-salty flare. (more…)

Choco-Blueberry Almond Granola

As I mentioned in my only other granola post, I’m not much of a granola eater. Don’t get me wrong–it’s freaking delicious. Unfortunately, my intestines are not a fan. Even sampling the recipes I make is enough to torment my tummy. ? Yowww.

In that post, I implied that I was not likely to being publishing granola recipes on here. Making granola often requires me to eat granola, and, like I said before, “Yowww.” Luckily for you, mi novio? is a big fan of my granola, so I guess I’ll just be trying out new recipes occasionally for him to try and you to read about. Everyone wins! Except me. ?

Choco-Blueberry Almond Granola by the #OatmealArtist #Vegan

Of course, mi novio? is also a picky eater. No cashews. No pecans. And absolutely NO coconut. I like the challenge, though; it forces me to be creative! This is the first time I’ve used chocolate in granola. I know it’s not a groundbreaking discovery (many have done it before me), but it’s new for me. I thought maybe it would make it more fun for him since I also included dried blueberries, and I honestly had no idea how he would react to that. I think dried fruit scares him. ? (more…)

Apricot Almond Butter Bites

Gasp! Where have I been??

I’ve been proud of not taking any blogging breaks since I ran the heck away from quit teaching, but last week got the better of me! You know what really did it? The weather sucked (rain, rain, and more rain), which means I have no natural lighting for pictures. On the few days of semi-sunshine, I was too lazy to dirty some dishes and take a few pictures. It’s something I fight on a regular basis, but last week, the laziness won.

Apricot Almond Butter Bites #OatmealArtist #Vegan

Lately I have found myself heading out the door with no packable snacks. Yes, I have dried fruit, but sometimes I get sick of just eating those every day, and I wanted something a little more interesting. Preferably something nutty. Having some dried apricots and almond butter to use up, I immediately set off to make an “energy ball” recipe that would be reminiscent of my beloved Peach & Almond Butter Oatmeal. (more…)

Sweet Potato, Almond Butter, and Raisin Oatmeal

When I first started publishing oatmeal recipes, I used raisins in almost everything. They were cheap and predictable, making them an easy addition to nearly everything I tried: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, Banana Bread Oatmeal, Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal, Zucchini Bread Oatmeal, Pumpkin Banana Oatmeal, etc. Raisins all around!

Sweet Potato, Raisin, and Almond Butter Oatmeal (2)

I realized recently that I had kind of forgotten about them. My carton of them had been pushed to the back of my cupboard, and I rarely dragged them out. Something about today’s recipe made me recall these good ol’ raisin days, and I decided to bring them back into my life. 🙂

Mocha Baked Oatmeal (with Almond Butter Center) + my blog’s 3rd birthday!

Happy birthday, blog.

Today, you turn three. You’re a toddler, but better because you don’t need to be potty trained. You don’t need to be watched. I never have to worry about you coloring the walls. That’s pretty cool.

Mocha Baked Oatmeal with Almond Butter Center - The Oatmeal Artist

To celebrate the birth of my baby, I went with a recipe that uses all my favorite ingredients: chocolate, coffee, banana (which is optional), almond butter, and happiness. Yes, happiness.*

*not available at Whole Foods


10 Recipes that are Practically Begging for Almond Butter

I am all about PB2 lately, but I’ll admit that almond butter is unbeatable. I haven’t had it in months, but I still remember its glorious taste…

I tend to not use it much in my recipes because…well…every time I buy a jar, it’s gone a few days later, so it doesn’t make it into many recipes. 😛

So for those of you who DO love using almond butter…here are ten recipes that want dat almond butter!!!


Imagine finding swirls of almond butter throughout Mocha Almond Fudge Overnight Oatmeal


Almond Joy Oatmeal #2

Yep, I already have an Almond Joy Oatmeal. I KNOW. This isn’t an “improved” recipe, either. The other one was already perfect. I just came up with a different way to make it.

(To be honest, I just wanted to eat more chocolate PB2.)

Almond Joy Oatmeal by The Oatmeal Artist


Mocha Brownie Batter Oatmeal with Almond Butter

I am speechless.

mocha oatmeal with almond butter (2)

As much as I love my Fudgy Peanut Butter and Banana Oatmeal, I am always trying to come up with variations. “What if I could make this even better?” I always ask myself.

AND I DID. (more…)

Mocha Almond Fudge Overnight Oatmeal

I need to confess my feelings. My strong, unwavering feelings.

I’m in love.

. . . with the So Delicious brand.


I’ve been eating their yogurt for a couple years now, but their pints of ice cream are a new world for me. I stopped buying prepared desserts and snacks several years ago–for a few different reasons. 1) Michael Pollan says to eat as much junk food as you want–as long as it’s homemade (the result being you want eat that much junk food because it’s hard work to make your own french fries, desserts, etc.). 2) I cut junk food from my budget to help me afford organic produce. 3) IBS, of course. Always.