Product Review: PB2 with Fruit!

Hey oatmeal lovers! I’m very excited to introduce you to this sparkling new product by Bell Plantation: PB2 with Fruit! Playing off the concept of PB&J, this product comes in flavors of grape, strawberry, and banana. The result is a sweet and fun peanut butter with the ease and creaminess of the original PB2 product.


My favorite flavor was PB2 with Grape, which is not surprising since I prefer my PB&J with grape jelly. I thought this version had the most pleasing taste, and it tasted almost like I was eating actual PB&J, not just grape mixed into peanut butter, if that makes sense.

The banana flavor in particular surprised me. In my experience, anything banana-flavored is doomed. Bananas are great, but banana flavoring is almost always terrible. Thus, when I tasted the PB2 with Banana and detected a subtle hint of authentic banana flavor, I was pleasantly shocked. It didn’t taste like banana-flavored protein powder or anything gross like that, and the banana taste that was there was not overwhelming. In other words, I think they did a fantastic job of combining the fruit flavors with the PB2.


It was also the perfect amount of flavor. The banana flavor is pretty subtle (which I think was a good choice), and the strawberry was a bit more pronounced. I think the grape-to-PB2 ratio was just right. If I’m being honest, I might even like PB2 with Grape even more than regular PB2, and I never thought that would be the case. I very rarely enjoy flavored versions of products (hence why I have an entire blog dedicated to plain ol’ oats).


Currently, you can purchase these products online at and They are also available at select Big Lots stores, and will soon be available at Hy-Vee stores (shout-out to my Midwestern readers!!). Beyond that, you can always try asking the manager of your go-to store and see if they will stock this product for you!

I am already dreaming up PB2 with Fruit recipes . . . ?

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4 Responses to Product Review: PB2 with Fruit!

  1. Kelsey says:

    These look really nice! I hope they show up in a store near me soon

  2. Interesting! I’m usually skeptical with products like these but I trust your judgment. 😉

  3. Nikki says:

    I see the regular version at Big Lots all the time. I am hoping the next time I check they have the grape flavor you mentioned!

  4. How interesting are these–this is probably the first time I’ve heard of these PB2 varieties! I would love to try the grape and strawberry variety!

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