Cookies and Cream Overnight Oats [Guest Post]

TOA: Special shout out to Kelsey! She suggested making a cookies and cream overnight oatmeal, and I said her idea sounded brilliant and she should try it out herself. Being fantastic, she went to work right away and delivered this perfect recipe. I can’t wait to try it in my kitchen!

Hi there!

My name is Kelsey; I’m a math grad student at the University of Virginia and a major oatmeal fanatic. Before we get to the recipe, let me just say that I am so excited to be writing this guest post. I’m a big fan of the blog, so rest assured there was some major fangirling going on when Lauren brought up the possibility of writing this post.


My story is very similar to hers (digestive issues, transition to veganism, cutting out almost all added sugar, etc.), so I’ve always really related to the content on the blog. Oatmeal is one of my main creative outlets as far as food is concerned so I really love experimenting with new ingredients and flavor combos.

The newest flavor oatmeal in my life is Cookies and Cream. It plays off of Lauren’s faux-reo PB2 recipe, which is basically oreo cookie butter, and employs overnight oats, my new go-to afternoon snack.


One of my rules for myself is that if I’m going to eat more than one serving of oatmeal in a day, one of them had better contain a vegetable, so I’ve snuck zucchini in here for an added nutritional boost and to bulk up the oats. Raw buckwheat groats give that slightly crunchy texture of a soggy cookie and then date puree sweetens it all up. If you don’t feel like pureeing your own dates (although you really should try it sometime!) feel free to sub in either one or two finely chopped dates or about a teaspoon of your sweetener of choice.


Now without further ado, on to the recipe.

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Cookies N Cream Overnight Oats

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Yield: serves 1

What you'll need:

  • ½ cup old fashioned rolled oats
  • ½ cup milk of choice (I prefer unsweetened almond)
  • 1/3 cup shredded zucchini
  • 1 tbsp. raw buckwheat groats (optional)
  • 2 tsp. vanilla
  • 1 tbsp. date puree (or finely chopped dates)
  • Pinch of salt
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • 1 serving (or more!) of Lauren’s faux-reo PB2

How to make it:

  1. Combine all ingredients except the faux-reo PB2 in a mason jar or other container.
  2. Cover and shake thoroughly to combine.
  3. Gently stir in the “cookies”. I like to make little “cookie” chunks about the size of marbles and stir them in very gently. (Alternatively, you could just top your oatmeal with the “cookies” in the morning if you’re short on time).
  4. Store in the fridge overnight or for several hours to firm up. I think this recipe is best served cold, but warm it up in the microwave if you like!


About Lauren Smith

Lauren is a herbivore, Slytherin, and connoisseur of oats. She is a former teacher who is currently studying to earn a master's degree in curriculum development. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

8 Responses to Cookies and Cream Overnight Oats [Guest Post]

  1. Christine says:

    This looks great! Thanks for the recipe, Kelsey! I actually made cookies and cream oatmeal this summer by making overnight oats with vanilla yogurt, and tipping with the Fauxreo cookie butter in the morning. This recipe looks much better.

  2. Nikki says:

    Good idea!

  3. Cassie says:

    If you can sneak zucchini in an oatmeal bowl that tastes like a giant Oreo, then you are a freaking oatmeal wizard. I love this!

  4. Sandra says:

    Yummy!! I hope this doesn’t sound weird but I am beyond tempted to add peanut butter. Not just because peanut butter goes with everything; but peanut butter and anything Oreo related makes me feel like I’m in Parent Trap ;p

  5. Christine says:

    I was so excited to try this recipe! Unfortunately, it didn’t work well for me. The oatmeal looked like a flooded lake in the morning. It took 2 minutes in the microwave to soak up the liquid. By then, the cookies had melted. The final result was basically oatmeal with Oreo butter stirred in – still tasty, but not the effect I was hoping for.

    Don’t get me wrong: this recipe still has enormous potential! The main difference was that I omitted the optional buckwheat groats. When I try this recipe again, I’d try lowering the liquid amount and/or adding chia seeds. Another possibility would be to make plain overnight oatmeal and add the cookies in the morning. That’s actually what I did over the summer when I made a lazy Cookies ‘n Cream oatmeal. I made a plain overnight oatmeal base with vanilla yogurt and topped with Fauxreo Cookie Butter in the morning. Next time around, I could do the same but stir in bits of cookie butter.

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